Klubb Hemköp

In October 2020, it was time for Hemköp to relaunch its loyalty club: Klubb Hemköp.

With the climate issue as a focus, Hemköp wanted to encourage more climate-smart consumption habits via its loyalty club.

Together with the team at Cogs Creative and Alex Rehnby (Art Director), Hannes & Johannes took on the mission to develop the visual identity of the new improved club, which was launched nationally in both print and digital.

Our focus was that the new club should be inspiring and encouraging, give a positive impression and feel homey. This was important since we wanted to reach the very broad target group that Hemköp actually has.

We created a series of illustrations that symbolize climate-smart shopping habits, food joy and the updated bonus system that Hemköp offers it’s Club members.

We also produced a number of animations for Hemköp’s website and SoMe.

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