1. Brief & Concept Development

The brief is the pure foundation for every Hannes&Johannes project. Together with your input we will brainstorm and hammer out a solid concept, as well as present a script with each step needed to reach the end result you’re looking for.

2. Sketches & Styleframes

For you to get a better sense of how the design of the film might look in the end, we will provide you with sketches of different styles, colors and shapes. Together with you we will help sort and iterate to reach the perfect design.

3. Storyboard

The storyboard works like a roadmap where you get to see sketches of every scene paired with the script and descriptions of each event in the film. It’s a graphic presentation of how your video will unfold from start to finish, which helps you get a better overview of the general timing and animation.

4. Voiceover Recording

Choosing the right voice can be hard, but we will help you find the voice actor that best suits your animation. During the recording, we’ll give instructions and feedback to the voice actor to make sure the voice turns out exactly as you want it to.

5. Animation

We’ve finally reached production! This is the stage where we breathe life into your film. We begin by illustrating and rigging characters, flying castles and deep valleys. Everything that your film requires. With the voiceover already recorded, we can start animate and finalize your grand vision.

6. Sound Design

Whatever the concept or style, a video will always benefit tremendously from having proper sound design. We’ll help you get the right kind of music, as well as adding sound effects where it fits to give the video that exact vibe we’re looking for.

7. Day of Delivery

When your animation is finished and we’ve reached the deadline, we will neatly wrap it up for you and send it over in all the required formats and versions. You’re now the proud owner of a premium Hannes&Johannes animated film. Congratulations!

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